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Portable/Laboratory Density meter LPGDi

LPGDi Features
- Precise density and temperature in seconds
- Excellent correlation to ASTM D1657
- Small sample volume
- Readings on LCD
- Easy to operate
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Data transfer to PC
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Unique Laboratory Density Meter is a new development especially for liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) measuring. It is based on the resonant method of density measurements and uses small sample volume. Obtained results are instantly converted to relative density (15°C or 20°C or 60°F) in accordance with ASTM D1250 tables. Readings on the LCD facilitate measuring process and eliminate eventual human error. Compact design makes suitable to any place in your laboratory. Additional car power option makes it portable. Combination with PC or Pocket PC makes it as a complete data managing system. WINDOWS based Software allows necessary data processing and simplifies operation for personnel.
ISO 9001